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A History of Italy from Aeneas of Troy
to Eisenhower of Supreme Command

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Italia A noble Nation Dies

The Creation of Israel
On May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv, Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben Gurion proclaims the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years.
A Pack of Lies
The Invasion of Iraq.
Giving birth to Middle East Warriors
Camp David Accords
popular name for the historic peace accords, or The Birth of ISIS
Big International Trouble
Highly Dangerous International Political Troubles Lie Ahead.
January 21, 2015
Three Political Roads to Martyrdom
Political assassinations begin with a political conspiracy to murder political opponents.
A Political History Of A Godless Trinity of Nations
I am very pleased to announce a New Major Essay.
This sanctimonious trio of Governments is historically guilty of killing men, women, and children and destroying their homes, schools, and cities for their own political goals of occupation and control.
Middle East Partition
History Of Middle East Partition - Time Magazine 1937
Birth Of The Middle East Violence
Blame The British
Torah Jews Reject Zionism
Is Isreal The Homeland of the Jews of the world?
The Twin Weapons of Mass Destruction
Media and Money
The term itself has become a social and political weapon in and of its own self - a handy tool for speech writers and press conferences.
The Red Flag of National Deficits
Today the red flag of national deficit financing flies over the capital cities of Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo, and Moscow.
The World is Tired
“State Sponsored War on Terrorism”
The Second Italian Renaissance
The Birth of Opera in Italy
1607 - 1926
Are Canadians Dirty Hockey Players?
Repetition is the key to making a point they say.
Who Defends Italy
A Nation Thrust into a Reign of Fear and Savagery
Birth of the Canadian National Hockey League
An Open Letter to Mr. Daryl Katz
It's Now or Never
Colony or Nation
Still a British colony after one hundred and forty five years.
Will Canada ever become a nation unto itself?
A nation of ancient and political state secrets.
Italian Progenitors
The world of American and Canadian citizens born of Italian Progenitors.
The Making of The
Second World War
The explosive European events that became the First World War had been festering in the minds of certain men and their governments.
La Dolce Vita
The Sweet Life
Enough money to live a life of La Dolce Vita.
Three Wise Men
World Wars, And our postwar worlds of science and art are in the pockets of secret societies.
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